Thyatis Engarde!

Kaldmont - 999 AC

News From Around the Known World

Nations all around the Known World are gearing up for the start of a new millennium – festivities and superstitions abound everywhere.

Gossip of the Streets

The New Millennium is upon us! Join the crowds at the Coliseum during the first week of Nuwmont to mingle, meet, and press the flesh of Thyatis’s mighty citizenry (double any status points gained while there). The Millennial Celebration will last all week as we honor the one thousand year history of the Greatest City in the Known World!

Entourages And Other Socialites

Social Level Name Charm? Influence? Wealth? Last Seen With:

The Greasy Pole

Social Level Name Entourage Fighting Order Wealth Health
25 (npc) Emperor Thincol I Torion n/a n/a Legendary Unhurt
24 (npc) Empress Gabriela Torion n/a n/a Legendary Unhurt
23 (npc) Crown Prince Eusebius Torion n/a n/a Legendary Unhurt
22 (npc) Princess Stefania Torion n/a n/a Legendary Unhurt
21 (npc) Gladiator Anaxibius n/a n/a Superb Unhurt
20 (npc) Magist Demetrion Karagenteropolus n/a n/a Superb Unhurt
19 (npc) Senator Angelarian Canolocarius n/a n/a Superb Unhurt

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