Adventure Outcome

Again, the mechanism for determining the outcome of adventures is sufficiently complex that a detailed discussion of the rules will not be presented. However, there are a few items everyone going on an adventure should note.

While on an adventure, there are four possible events that may happen to a character: Death, Sung by the Bards, Promotion, and Treasure. Below is a table that shows the modifiers to the dice rolls that determine if one (or more) of those four event occur. Note that the higher the modifier, the less likely that event is to happen. In other words, a high modifier in the Death column is a good thing, while a low modifier in the other columns is what is desired.

Fighting Order Death Sung by Bards Promotion Treasure
Imperial Guard +3 0 +1 -2
Wings of Vanya +2 0 0 -1
Knights of the Air +2 -1 0 -1
Retebius Air Fleet +2 -1 0 -1
1st Imperial Cohort +2 0 0 0
Kerendan Calvary +2 0 0 0
2nd Imperial Cohort +1 0 0 0
Brotherhood of the Grey Lady +1 -1 -1 0
Storm Soldiers +1 0 0 0
Imperial Fleet 0 0 +1 0
The Foresters 0 0 0 0
Footmen of Hattias 0 0 0 0
Sisterhood of the Sword 0 0 0 0
Imperial Defenders -1 0 +1 -2
Shadow Hand -1 0 +1 -2
Adventuring Alone -1 0 +1 -1
Order of the Sands -1 -2 -1 -2

Sergeant/Regarded Member +1 0 0 -1
Lieutenant/Taskmaster +1 0 0 -1
Captain/Team Leader +2 0 0 -2
Deputy General/Asst. Guildmaster +2 0 0 -2
General/Guildmaster +2 0 0 -2


Characters finding themselves in a tight spot and not wishing to die may choose the better part of valor and run away. The player choosing to take the poltroonery option may add any number he feels necessary to the die roll needed for death; he must state the modifier in his submitted orders to the GM.

Naturally this sort of behavior has serious repercussions, roll one die; on a 1 or 2, the character’s cowardice has not been noticed, and he may roll normally for Sung by the Bard and Promotion, but not treasure (he is not hanging around to pick up anything). On a roll of 3 through 5, he has been seen. In this case, he loses twice as many Status Points as the modification he took on the death roll every month thereafter until he has redeemed himself by being Sung by the Bards. On a roll of 6, his cowardice has been particularly blatant and he is immediately dismissed from the Order; he may not apply to another Order until he had redeemed himself by being Sung by the Bard while Adventuring Alone. Under no circumstances will his old Order have him back. This penalty is in addition to the above mentioned Status Point loss.

Reckless Bravery

Conversely, a character set on glory (or destruction) may choose to play hero. The player may choose to subtract any number he wishes from the die roll needed for death. If he lives, he may use the same modifier for his rolls for being Sung by the Bards, Promotion, and Treasure.

There will be cases where a character, due to various modifiers for rank, Order, post, etc., will find he has to roll an impossible number to die. A player who must, for example, roll a 15 for death (on two dice) is permitted to choose an unfavorable modification to two, making it still impossible for him to be killed, and still reap the benefits of heroism. Such are the advantages of position.

Players may specify a number as a required Death Roll, so that bravery and poltroonery adjustments will be made automatically. A character must explicitly order No Poltroonery if he does not wish a positive adjustment to his death roll, which will then be unadjusted. Orders such as “Adjust Death Roll to 12, Poltroonery up to 10” are acceptable.

Sung by the Bards

When a character is Sung by the Bards, he becomes a public hero, and his status is raised temporarily. Each time a character is Sung by the Bards, one die is rolled. The result is the number of Status Points per month he receives for the next three months. After the three months have passed, he receives one point per month for as long as he lives. The awards of Status Points are cumulative.


Upon first joining an Order, a character may purchase a rank as high as Captain/Team Leader. A rank cannot be bought if there are so many players with characters in the same Order that all positions of that rank are filled by those characters.

After joining an Order, a character may be promoted only if there is an opening of the new rank in the Order. If a character is promoted while on an adventure but there is no vacancy in the Order for the new rank, he is instead Sung by the Bards.

In an opening appears in an Order during an adventure but the character is not promoted, he may purchase the rank at any time, as long as all requirements are met and the opening is still vacant. A Character cannot, under any circumstances, skip a rank.

If a character holds a rank, but his Social Level drops below the minimum necessary to hold that rank, the character has three game months to raise his Social Level to the required minimum. If he does not, he is expelled from the Order. He may rejoin, but does so as if he were joining for the first time.

Generals and Guildmasters may be “promoted” to the Senate. Rules for Senators are currently in progress. Rest assured, life as a Senator is treacherous, brutal, and ofttimes bloody.

Adventure Outcome

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