One of the aspects of joining a Fighting Order is that it is sometimes necessary to go on adventures. Each adventuring season lasts for three months, and there are four adventuring seasons a year. The summer season begins in Klarmont, the fall or autumn season in Ambyrmont, winter in Kaldmont, and spring in Thaumont. The only season in which regular Orders (all Orders except Adventuring Alone and the Order of the Sands) adventure is the summer season. Adventuring Alone and the Order of the Sands are the only ones that regularly adventures during the other seasons and are always on adventures, year round.

While on an adventure, characters continue to receive pay and allowances, but do not have to pay out any money or keep track of Status Points.

Adventure Determination

The mechanism for determining which Orders adventure during the summer season is too complex to explain at this point. Not every Order will adventure during every summer season, but exceptions can be made…


A player may petition to have an Order which is not going adventuring during the regular adventuring season substituted for one which is. The substituted Order must be of the same type (i.e. military or non-military) as the Order it is substituted for. The Powers-That-Be will grant a player’s petition on a roll of 7 on one die. This roll may be altered by influence (7th level favor or higher).


Characters may go adventuring during any or all non-regular adventuring seasons (Fall/Autumn, Winter, or Spring) by volunteering. Characters who command/lead a Banner/Team in an Order may volunteer their unit to go along with them. Characters who command/lead Orders my volunteer their entire Order or any Banner/Team thereof. Characters who volunteer only a portion of their commands need not accompany it on the adventure. A NPC commander of an Order or Banner/Team will volunteer his unit on a die roll of 6 on one die. This roll may be modified by influence (1st level for Banner/Team, and 3rd level for entire Orders).

Characters who do not hold a command as listed above may take a temporary leave of absence (and, some would say, of their senses), and Adventure Alone. The character maintains the same rank while Adventuring Alone as he had with his own Order, or the rank of Soldier/Active Member if he does not belong to an Order when he goes out to Adventure Alone. Adventuring Alone gives the character the same pay as the Shadow Hand. A character who Adventures Alone retains his position in his own Order, if any, and returns to it at the end of the adventure.

All volunteers (including Adventuring Alone) must adventure for at least one month, and may not return to Thyatis City until the end of an adventuring season, regardless of time away. In other words, the first week in Yarthmont is the latest a character could volunteer for the Spring adventuring season.

The Order of the Sands

The Order of the Sands is a unique Order – sort of like an elite Adventuring Alone Order. It meets in the Great Guildhall of the Order of the Sands – a small amphitheater and attached guildhall where gladiator-members of the Guild may train, find shelter, socialize with one another away from the common man, etc. It is largely supported by guild fees and by contributions from gladiators who have made it to prominence.

To be accepted into the Order of the Sands, characters must meet certain requirements:

  • Active Members may “adventure” (i.e. fight in The Coliseum) with the Order of the Sands only if they have an Endurance of 110 or more and an Expertise of 9 or higher.
  • Higher ranking characters may “adventure” only if they meet the requirements for Active Members and, in addition, have received one merit promotion (non-purchased) or have been Sung by the Bards. Characters with a Leadership Ability (LA) of 1 are not accepted into the Order of the Sands.

Since the Order of the Sands is an elite unit, constantly “adventuring”, there are always opening available for qualified characters.


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