Actions Summary

Pre-Monthly Actions

  • Borrow, Lend, Repay or Give Money to / from Shylocks or another character
  • Embezzle (only if currently holding an Appointment that allows it)
  • Move to new Neighborhood
  • Pay Support for Entourage, Mounts & Groom, Neighborhood, and Self
  • Consume Conspicuously (ConCon)
  • Ask NPC to do something
  • Use Influence or Bribe an NPC
  • Increase Rank in Fighting Order
  • Buy Mounts
  • Issue warrants for arrest (Commissioner of Imperial Guard only)
  • Apply for Appointments
  • Volunteer for Adventuring

Weekly Actions

  • Bed rest
  • Visit The Heart
  • Gather Entourage
  • Study for Seminar or Sermon
  • Practise with weapon
  • Join Fighting Order
  • Host or Attend Feast, Seminar, Sermon, Poetry Reading, or Theatre
  • Commission an Artist

No-Time Actions (and what they must be combined with)

  • Hire musicians (at a Feast)
  • Issue Duel challenges (at any time)
  • Duel (at any time when the characters meet)
  • Accept toadiers (at Neighborhood, The Heart, Poetic Recital Hall, Temple of Vanya, and Feasts)
  • Toady (at Neighborhood, The Heart, Poetic Recital Hall, Temple of Vanya, and Feasts)
  • Carouse (at The Heart)
  • Gamble (at The Baths, Colesium, and Neighborhoods)
  • Give Evidence at a Trial



  1. Nuwmont (Mid winter)
  2. Vatermont (Late winter)
  3. Thaumont (Early spring)
  4. Flaurmont (Mid spring)
  5. Yarthmont (Late spring)
  6. Klarmont (Early summer)
  7. Felmont (Mid summer)
  8. Fyrmont (Late summer)
  9. Ambyrmont (Early autumn)
  10. Sviftmont (Mid autumn)
  11. Eirmont (Late autumn)
  12. Kaldmont (Early winter)

Special Dates

The following weeks have special relevance in Thyatis En Garde!:

Nuwmont – Week 1: Day of the New Year, Start of the Winter Festivals. This is a week of festivals, parades, theatrical productions, nonstop games in the Coliseum, and so on in celebration of the New Year. This week also commemorates the Crowning of Emperor Zendrolion I, though the actual crowning of the first emperor took place much later in the year.

Vatermont – Week 4: Though particularly daring sailors will have continued sailing through the winter, on one particular day in late Vatermont the port authorities of Thyatis City, in association with the Temple of Protius, announce that the Shipping Season has Begun. Merchants in great profusion set sail for distant ports. Traditionally, this is a week to celebrate by making toasts of luck to the sailors.

Thaumont – Week 1: Officially, the first week of the Spring Season.

Flaurmont – Week 4: Birthday of Emperor Thincol I. The Emperor sponsors a day of Coliseum games, which are usually very flashy and memorable; there are parades in the streets; members of the Emperor’s family throw gold pieces to the poorest of the peasants; very little work gets done.

Klarmont – Week 1: Officially, the first week of the Summer Adventuring Season.

Klarmont – Week 3: Kerendan Days of the Hoof. Now, toward the beginning of summer, Kerendas hosts its great horseman’s event, which includes races, obstacle courses, jousts, demonstrations, breeders’ shows, etc.

Felmont – Week 3: This is a week celebrating high romance and passion, dedicated to the Immortal Valerias. On this day, more marriages take place, more betrothals are announced, more unhappy lovers kill themselves, more duels are fought by rivals for a lady’s affection, more lovers keep daring trysts, than in any other week in the Empire.

Ambyrmont – Week 1: Officially, the first week of the Autumn Season.

Sviftmont – Week 2: Vanya’s Day. This is a day of gift-giving and celebration of the year’s prosperity – or hope for the next year’s prosperity, if this one has been poor. This is a day of good cheer and heavy feasting; it is also the day upon which the most serious duels take place. By ancient tradition, only duels to the death are conducted on Vanya’s Day; other duels must be delayed.

Eirmont – Week 4: By now, nasty weather brings about the end of the official shipping season (though many seamen keep at their trade longer into the cold months than this). This is a week for quiet observances and feasts throughout the empire, and is called Protius’ Day for the Immortal of the Sea.

Kaldmont – Week 1: Officially, the first week of Winter. True winter weather doesn’t usually begin for a few weeks.

Kaldmont – Week 3: Footman’s Games. Footmen’s tournaments take place, in the company of fairs and bazaars and other entertainments. Weaponmakers show off their wares and many challenges and duels take place. This event is set off six months from the Kerendan Days of the Hoof and is the footman’s equivalent of it, but these Games are more widespread, taking place all over the empire.

The City of Thyatis

Thyatis is the wealthiest and most populous city in the Empire – possibly on the entire continent.

Thyatis lies where the Mesonion River empties into Vanya’s Girdle. The city is built around the Emperor’s Hill, the tall central hill where the imperial palace and the wealthiest estates are built.

Thyatis features the Empire’s largest seaport as the seat of its navy and trading fleet. It has broad streets of concrete, huge public works and buildings, lavish palaces and villas and mansions; it features vast tracts of three- and four-story tenement buildings. Its streets throng with people every hour of the day and most of the night; it is a city that does not sleep.

Thyatis is an enormous city and the worthy capital of a powerful empire. It inspires pride in its citizens, awe in foreigners from smaller or poorer nations, contempt from foreigners from cleaner or more mannerly citizens. It is a microcosm of the empire, representatives of the empire’s might and power, mixed population, treachery, efficiency and wealth.

The one thing that natives of Thyatis City must know, and that citizens of other of the empire’s land, and foreigners, should not, is this: The locals do not refer to this metropolis as “Thyatis City.” To them, it is the empire, and the rest of the empire is merely an extension of it – its fingers. To refer to it as “Thyatis City” is to reveal yourself to be a hick and earn the condescending contempt of local NPCs for some time to come.

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