Artists can be hired to produce fine works of art for a character’s residence, which generate status for their owner when completed. They cost 5 lucins per staus point per week, but must be hired for at least one month. The exact time they need is dependant on the size of the job. A simple work requires one month, a masterpiece can take years!When employing an artist, the size of the job is determined by the expected status gained from its completion. For each status point, one month is needed.

The final status gained by the commission is determined by monthly skill checks. The skill result adds or subtracts status to the final work. Artists will not reveal the progress of their work until it is completed. The owner must then show the work at their residence during a feast that he hosts to gain the status from it.

Die Roll Commission SPs Musicians
1 +3 +2
2 +2 +1
3 +1 0
4 0 0
5 -1 0
6 -2 -1

The status points earned for displaying a work of art decreases by one for each passing month until it reaches 0, at which point no more additional status points are earned – the jaded citizens of Thyatis have moved on to other spectacles.

Another way to employ artists is as musicians at feasts. Musicians cost 5 lucins per musician per feast. Status points are awarded to the host based only on the skill result in the table above. One roll is made per 3 musicians hired, and the results are cumulative.


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