Character Creation


When creating a character, each player will be assigned randomly determined ability scores. There are seven abilities: Strength, Expertise, Constitution, Endurance, Leadership Ability, Magical Ability, and Religious Training.

Strength (STR) 3d6
Expertise (EXP) 3d6
Constitution (CON) 3d6
Endurance (END) Str x Con
Leadership Ability (LA) 1d6
Magical Ability (MA) 1d6-3 (negative numbers allowed)
Religious Training (RT) 1d6-3 (minimum of 0)

Strength represents the ability of the character to inflict damage on his opponent.
Expertise represents the character’s skill and experience at swordplay.
Constitution represents the character’s general health.
Endurance represents the character’s ability to absorb punishment.
Leadership Ability represents the character’s ability to lead in battle.
Magical Ability represents the character’s skill in the magical arts.
Religious Training represents the amount of time the character has spent in the study of divine topics.

Social Level

The most important thing a player must know about his character is his initial social level. This depends on the parents to whom he is born, their wealth, and their titles, if any. The Birth Tables provide all the family background necessary to play the game.

Birth Table A: Class

Die Roll Class
1 Slave
2 Slave
3 Citizen
4 Citizen
5 Noble
6 Noble

Birth Table B: Place of Birth

Die Roll Birthplace
1 Thyatis City (+1 SL)
2 Thyatis City (+1 SL)
3 Empire of Thyatis
4 Empire of Thyatis
5 Foreigner (-1 SL)
6 Foreigner (-1 SL)

Birth Table C: Parent’s Background

Die Roll Parents’ Background Initial Funds Allowance
1 Criminal 10 0
2 Criminal 10 0
3 Servant 25 5
4 Laborer 150 20
5 Craftsman 250 50
6 Gladiator 500 100
1 Laborer 40 0
2 Laborer 40 0
3 Farmer 250 50
4 Craftsman 250 50
5 Rich Businessman 500 100
6 Adventurer 750 125
1 Impoverished 40 0
2 Impoverished 40 0
3 Well-to-do 250 50
4 Wealthy 500 100
5 Very Wealthy 750 125
6 Very Wealthy 750 125

Birth Table D: Parent’s Title (if Noble)

Die Roll Title
1 Lord
2 Knight
3 Baron
4 Lord Knight
5 Count
6 Duke

Initial Social Level

Child of: Social Level
Criminal 2
Non-Criminal Slave 3
Non-Adventurer Citizen 4
Adventurer 5
Lord 6
Knight 7
Baron 8
Lord Knight 9
Count 10
Duke 11

EXAMPLE: The Valencian family is blessed with a son. A five is rolled on Birth Table A and a one on Birth Table B. We discover that the character is the son of a nobleman from Thyatis City. Rolling a three on the nobles’ section of Table C shows that the character’s parents are well-to-do, and the character has an initial fortune of 250 lucins (coming of age money, so to speak). In addition, he will receive a monthly allowance of 50 lucins. A two on Table D shows that his father/mother is a Knight. Therefore, the Character, Marcus Valencian, has an initial social level of 7, plus one for being a Thyatis City native, for 8 total.


Character Creation

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