Foreign Investments

Independant merchants travel all over the Known World, limited only to where they think they can make a profit. However, the Thyatian government (under the direction of the Minister of Trade) often sponsers trade expeditions to certain foreign cities to buy goods that the City wants/needs or to offload a surplus of its own (sometimes both). Characters that have the money, can borrow the money, or are otherwise able scrape together 1000 lucins may invest money in one of these foreign expeditions. The hope is that they will earn more upon the return of the ships, but there is also a chance they will lose part or all of their investment.

City Imports
(and where they come from)

Gems: Aasla, Corunglain, Dunadale, Rockhome, Seagirt

Oil: Ylaruam

Precious Metals: Ierendi, Karameikos, Rockhome, Surra-Man-Raa

Rare Furs: Ravenscarp

Spices: Aasla, Sayr Ulan

City Exports
(and where they are going)

Armor: Karameikos, Soderfjord

Mounts: Darokin, Karameikos, Ylaruam

Silks: Aasla, Beitung, Rockhome

Weapons/Tools: Corunglain, Karameikos, Surra-Man-Raa

Destination Months Disaster1 Raiders2 Profit Season3 Sent3
Surra-Man-Raa 1-2 12+ 10+ 10%-20% S/S/F 4+
Soderfjord 1-2 11+ 8+ 10%-30% S/S/F 3+
Ierendi 1-2 11+ 8+ 10%-30% S/S/F 5+
Ylaruam 2-4 8+ 9+ 30%-80% S/S/F 3+
Dunadale 2-4 10+ 8+ 20%-70% S/S/F 6+
Aasla 2-4 8+ 8+ 50%-100% S/S/F 4+
Karameikos 2-4 11+ 9+ 20%-40% S/S/F 4+
Darokin 3-4 9+ 8+ 40%-90% S/S 4+
Beitung 3-4 10+ 9+ 20%-40% S/S 4+
Seagirt 3-4 10+ 9+ 20%-40% S/S 6+
Ravenscarp 3-4 10+ 9+ 10%-30% S/S 3+
Corunglain 4-5 9+ 8+ 40%-90% S/S 5+
Rockhome 4-6 8+ 9+ 40%-90% S/S 5+
Sayr Ulan 5-8 8+ 8+ 50%-100% S/S 3+

1 This number or higher on two dice results in the caravan/ship being destroyed and all investments lost. +2 is added to the die roll if the expedition is away from Thyatis during the winter months. If there are two consecutive seasons with a loss, the Emperor will dismiss the Minister of Trade for incompetence.

2 This number or higher on two dice results in the initial investment being halved. +2 is added to the die roll if Thyatis is at war with any nation the caravan/ship goes through.

3 On the last month of each season, the Minister of Trade meets with the Ministry Staff and the Port Authorities and decides which trade expeditions are to be sent in the upcoming season. If the Minister is an NPC, an expedition will be sent on a roll of that number or higher on one die (subject to influence). An NPC Minister will only roll for expeditions for the listed seasons and will never send anything out during winter.

On the first month of each season, one die is rolled for each trade expedition that is scheduled to be sent: 1-4 the expedition is on time and leaves immediately; 5-6 there are unavoidable delays and the expedition will not be able to leave until the following month.

Foreign Investments

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