Gabrionus Theatre

Thyatians like tragic melodramas (especially those with a martial theme); pointed satires (which often feature an Alphatian villain who is not so clever as he thinks he is and is eventually outwitted by some stolid, slow-thinking Thyatian hero); and circus-like juggling, acrobatics, etc.

This theatre was built by Gabrionus IV, grandfather of the current Empress. Here, great plays and low vaudevilles are performed. It seats 10,000.

A character may gain (and lose) money and status by organizing and financing theatrical production at the Gabrionus Theater. The total cost of the production is 5000 lucins, and any character may become a manager by booking the theater for their production at the cost of 1000 lucins. This must be done between 2 months and a year before the performance date. If the production fails, the booking fee is lost. If the production fails after rehearsing has begun, then the whole outlay is lost.

The manager can take the financial burden himself or seek backers. He can sell shares to whomever he pleases but if he does not specify they are accepted in Status Level order. The minimum investment is 500 lucins and 1000 lucins will make the investor a director. If there is insufficient backers then the manager must make up the shortfall by the time rehearsal starts or the production will fail.

In the month before the production, the manager must spend the final 2 weeks rehearsing the performers. He can also act as producer, or hire a professional producer for 500 lucins. A companion will take part in a play if asked at the start of rehearsals. Charming companions may also be tempted (on a 5 or 6; 6 if the production is lewd) to take a leading role by the manager at a cost of 30 x SL. A companion appearing in a play cannot be impressed during the rehearsals (except by the manager) or the month of the play, and characters cannot meet the companion during this time as well.

Anyone attending a production gains SPs equal to the production success -7 (minimum 0). Characters can buy box seats for 100 x SL or a normal seat for 30 x SL – the prices are half that after the first week. A box seat will hold 6 people and gains a extra 2 SP for those sitting there; directors are given free box seats but must attend to gain the status.

A production will run for a whole month. The manager should attend the first week, and host a party given after it is all over either at the theater (costs are included in the production) or at another location. A character attending the party gains 1 SP, plus any SPs for toadying up to the manager.

Special guests such as Ministers, Judges, or Senators may attend the production and the party on a 7 (1D6 – subject to influence), but never for a lewd production. If special guests are present they will be presented to the manager and backers at the party; these characters gain 3 SP for the Ministers or Judges; 5 SP for Senators (cumulative).

In addition, groups of yobs may be hired to boo and hiss the production at a cost of 500 lucins per group. For each group of yobs, there is a chance (on a 12) that a riot will break out doing 1000-6000 lucins worth of damage, which must be paid for by the manager the following month. If any special guests are present during a riot, the manager faces an inquisition.

Production Success Table

Roll (2D6) Profit Status Points
2 -50% Inquisition
3 -45% -3
4 -40% -2
5 -30% -2
6 -20% -1
7 -10% -1
8 none 0
9 none +1
10 +10% +1
11 +20% +2
12 +30% +3
13 +40% +4
14 +50% +6
15 +70% +8
16+ +100% +10

The dice may be modified by the following factors:

  • +1 if a professional producer is retained
  • +1 if the production is lewd
  • +1 for each 1000 lucin spent on lavish props
  • +1 per 4 characters attending the production
  • +1 for each charming companion as an actor
  • +2 if a Minister or Judge attend
  • +3 if a Senator attends
  • -1 for each group of yobs

The profit is returned to the manager and the backers based on initial production costs. The manager gains status for the month of the production, backers get half SPs.

Gabrionus Theatre

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