High Temple of Vanya

This is the greatest temple in all Thyatis, with a tower-spire stretching ten amazing stories into the sky, and a huge hall which can seat 10,000.

A character can organize a sermon on religious subjects as a means to improve his Social Level. For SP gains and costs, hosting one of these will be the same as hosting a feast, although the event will be canceled if the speaker doesn’t turn up (costs still need to be paid of course and a loss of SP is almost guaranteed).

The subject is the choice of the host, as is the speaker. He can talk himself, or invite a Guest of Honor. As everybody knows, lectures and sermons can range from the interesting to the excruciatingly boring. If a character presents the topic himself, he can gain or lose SPs as a result of how good it was.

The success is determined by making three rolls, using 3D6, one against the character’s Strength (speaking with power), Expertise (speaking with eloquence), and Constitution (speaking with passion). If he succeeds in rolling below his ability in all three he has delivered a good talk, and on a roll of 6 on one die will increase his Religious Training (RT) by 1. One or two failures mean he has lost the audience along the way; a failure in all three means he has shown gross ineptitude in front of his audience.

The Str, Exp, and Con of the speaker will be modified (for this purpose only) by the following:

+1 per week of preparation at The Great Imperial Library

RT Modifier
0 -2
1 to 2 -1
3 to 4 0
5 to 6 +1
7 to 8 +2
9+ +3

These rolls will be made for a guest speaker and the host will only lose 1 SP per guest (instead of gaining 1 per guest) if it is truly dire. Remember though, guest speakers are important people and will charge a fee for a seminar or ask for a favor sometime in the future.

SPs for Seminars and Sermons

  • Presenting a successful topic – gain SPs equal to SL
  • Losing audience – no change
  • Showing gross ineptitude – lose SPs equal to SL

High Temple of Vanya

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