Hosting a Feast

Wealthy Thyatians conduct feasts, to which they invite great nobles, popular gladiators and actors and soldiers; they have musicians and acrobats and jugglers as entertainment, and offer exotic foods and drinks. Some of these events are simple feasts, some are debauched events; all are arranged so that the patron can show everyone else just how wealthy and sophisticated he is. Such events can be incredibly costly; only the richest nobles or merchants regularly throw such feasts.

A character can host a feast as a means of improving his Status Level. He receives 1 SP for acting as the host, 1 SP for attending plus an additional SP for each guest (characters only) who attends. Hosts and guests will be automatically subject to toadying rules.

Normally a host will be of a higher Social Level than his guests, and as such, entertainment will be to his standards. The cost of the feast will be 10 lucins times the number of guests and companions present, times the host’s Status Level. Although it is common to invite only a select few and not charge them anything, it is acceptable to have an open invitation and charge a small entrance fee.

(Example: Marcus, SL 10, hosts a feast to which 5 other characters attend. The total cost of the feast will be 10 × 10 × 5 = 500 lucins.)

Occasionally, the host may have some special guests, characters or entourages, with a higher Social Level than himself. Such guests should be treated with the respect deserving of their status, and the cost will be based on their Social Level and not the host’s.

If a character hosting such an event is unable to attend, he can cover the costs even though he is not actually attending. In this case, the host will get SP’s for hosting the party, but not for attending.

Should the cost of the feast be more than the character can afford, it is considered a terrible faux pas, and (in addition to paying as much as possible – meaning all of his money) the character will lose as many Status Points as he normally would have gained.

In order to control who can attend any particular feast, the host may spend an additional 10% of the total cost to hire guards to act as bouncers to keep out party crashers. The host may keep out specific individuals, members of certain organizations or those lower than a stated Status Level.


Hosting a Feast

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