Living in certain neighborhoods is a good way to gain status points. Several neighborhoods are listed below, along with additional information for each. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to live in a neighborhood, and these vary from area to area. The main requirement is a minimum social level, although there may be others.

Location Requirements Cost/Month SP/Month
1 Hightop SL 17+ 50 10
2 Streets of Gold SL 12+ 30 8
3 Silverlight SL 9+ 20 6
4 The Estates SL 7+ 15 4
5 Club Row SL 5+ 10 3
6 The Blocks SL 3+ 5 2
7 Axetown - 0 0

A character may belong to only one neighborhood at a time. A character may move from a neighborhood at any time without penalty, except for the loss of the remainder of that month’s living expenses if he moves before the month is over. Upon moving, a character may not move back to that neighborhood for three months, but may immediately try to move to a different one. Characters who meet the requirements of a neighborhood are automatically made residents upon applying. Characters need not be in a neighborhood during a month to gain status points from being a resident, but must pay their rent in order to retain their estate.

Hightop. This is where the wealthiest of the city’s estates are built. Though small, these estates are magnificently and lavishly constructed, and ownership of one is a great symbol of status in Thyatis.

Streets of Gold. The merely extremely-rich dwellers in this district aspire to be wealthy and lucky enough to move to Hightop.

Silverlight. This is the district for the merely very-very-rich. Estates here run around the base of the Emperor’s Hill.

The Estates. After the neighborhoods on Emperor’s Hill, this is the best area in Thyatis to live. Here, you have good residential estates and many guildhalls, high-cost and high-class businesses, and temples and churches.

Club Row. This district is a tightly-packed region of The Heart, consisting of private clubs, inns, bistros, taverns, small theaters, and other entertainments catering to every sort of taste – from the most innocent to the most debauched. Although it is surrounded by the social life of the City, making a home here is hardly conducive to an upwardly mobile lifestyle.

The Blocks. These are the city’s tenement areas. Most of the city’s residents live in the Blocks, which are great, long neighborhoods of multi-story apartment quarters.

They aren’t slums by Thyatian standards (even if they would qualify as such by modern standards). Every class of Citizen, from semi-independent slaves to the nearly rich, lives in the Blocks – which tends to be a good thing: The neighborhoods, though packed with too many people, tend to be friendly and egalitarian, unlike the snobbish districts of the Emperor’s Hill.

The great tenement buildings are made of wood, brick, and concrete. There are sewers beneath, but these are inadequate for the districts’ needs. The sidewalks tend to be littered with trash.

The buildings occasionally do come down, when old foundations crack or walls give way . . . and the occasional fire can rage unchecked for hours, consuming block after block of residences, despite the best efforts of fire-fighting cleric teams and assisting magic-users. Life here is not necessarily safe, and certainly isn’t comfortable . . . but it’s the best that most Citizens can afford.

Axetown. This is the worst slum region in the city, overbuilt with decrepit tenements, packed full of refugees and the most pathetic poor, caked with filth and darkened by misery and poverty. It was supposed to have been razed two hundred years ago during a period of city renovation. But the city government kept this foreboding district the way it was.


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