Status Points and Social Level

A character’s object is to accumulate as many status points as he can in a month, in order to raise his social level. Status points are (with one exception, see Titles) the only way in which social level can be raised.

To raise a character’s social level by one, status points equal to three times the number of the social level sought must be accumulated in a single month. For a character of social level 4 to attain level 5, he must accumulate 15 status points in the four weeks of the month. At the end of a month, all status points accumulated that month are dropped and the character begins anew. Please note that while status points are dropped, social levels are not. A player who is promoted from level 6 to level 7 during Klarmont starts Felmont as a level 7.

In order for a character to maintain his social level, he must accumulate status points equal in number to his social level at the beginning of that month. A character who, for instance, began Felmont as a social level 3, and who during the course of the month accumulated 7 status points, would have sufficient points to maintain his level 3 position (the minimum of 3 needed). However, he would have an insufficient number to elevate himself to level 4 (three times the aspired level, or 3×4=12). This character will enter the next month as a social level 3.

A character that fails to maintain his social level will drop one level. If the level 3 character in the above example had attained only 1 status point in Felmont, he would have entered Frymont as a level 2. A character’s social level may not be changed more than one level per month except as a result of receiving a title (see titles).

Status Points and Social Level

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