Taking it to Heart

The Heart District is the center of “civilization” in the City. Here are concentrated the majority of greater public works and general public entertainments. It Thyatis City, therefore, the common phrase for going out for a night on the town is “Taking it to Heart.”

There are six places to visit in the Heart district: The Baths, The Great Imperial Library, The Collegium Arcanum, Gabrionus Theatre, the Imperial Bakeries, and The Coliseum. It is also acceptable to submit an order having your character visit The Heart as if it is a specific location all it’s own.


Carousing during a week costs lucins equal in number to the social level of the character and gives the character a status point. A player may carouse once a week provided he visits the Baths, Gabrionus Theater, or the Coliseum. Carousing is not an action and, in fact, must be done in conjunction with a visit to one of the above mentioned places.


Characters may gamble at the Coliseum or at a variety of locations at The Heart. Gambling is conducted in the following manner. The character announces the amount he is betting. A die is rolled. The gambler must roll a die and obtain a result higher than the first roll to win, or withdraw without rolling, and take a loss of half the amount bet (known as cutting losses or a cut). Ties and rolls lower than the original roll are considered losses, and the money effectively disappears from play. Each time a character wins a bet, he receives one status point; each time he loses a bet or cuts, he loses one status point. A character may place only nine bets in any one week.

Taking it to Heart

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