The Baths

These aren’t public baths; this is an expensive private club featuring baths of all varieties in a wide array of special rooms. At the baths one can also receive massages, and excellent medical and clerical care. Membership costs 10 lucins/month, making it costly enough to be somewhat exclusive but not not so high that well-off middle class Citizens can’t buy membership.

Characters normally recover from wounds at the following rate: One half of the endurance points lost in a duel may be recovered the first week after a duel. Each week thereafter, endurance points equal to the character’s constitution may be recovered. If the player orders bed rest for the week, then the character heals an additional 10% of the normal healing rate (rounded up).

An injured character heals extra Endurance points per week per each week visiting The Baths based on the table.

Die Roll Healing Rate
1 175%
2 150%
3 125%
4 Normal
5 Normal
6 75%

Characters at The Baths may toady and gamble.

The Baths

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