Time Sequence

Players in Thyatis En Garde! must adhere to a strict time schedule of events, each player being responsible for maintaining his own personal calendar of events showing his actions each week. The basic unit of time is the week. Four weeks make a game month, three months make a season and four seasons make a year.

For each month of the game, all players, after a negotiation period, send their personal actions for each week to the moderator. The negotiation period is necessary to allow players to arrange for duels, toadying or any other activity that must be arranged in advance. A player need not keep his word to other players, but will do what is sent to the moderator. A character may engage in only one activity per week. The specific actions recorded in the example below will be explained later, but this is the manner in which weekly monthly records must be planned.

Pre-Monthly Actions

These take no time and occur at the start of the month. They generally apply to actions that will occur throughout the whole month, or affect a characterís actions that month.

Weekly Actions

These actions take a whole week to perform. Only one weekly action may be given for each of the four weeks, although weekly actions may be ordered conditionally on the results of previous week’s actions. Orders such as “Toady to Aramis. If he does not let me, toady to Porthos.” are not valid conditional orders and the conditional part will be ignored. Note that an order like as “Toady to Aramis. If he did not let me toady last week, toady to Porthos.”* is a valid conditional order.

No-Time Actions

No-time actions differ from pre-monthly actions in that they must be undertaken in conjunction with a weekly action. Toadying, carousing, gambling, and dueling are examples of no-time actions.

For a summary of all available orders, please see the appendix.

SAMPLE MONTH: Flaurmont 1007

  1. Go to Stefan’s party in The Blocks and toady
  2. Practice with gladius
  3. Visit the Imperial Bakery
  4. Visit the Coliseum and carouse
  1. Host party at home in The Blocks
  2. Visit the Coliseum and carouse
  3. Attempt to gather entourage number 4
  4. If attempt unsuccessful, try again – otherwise Visit the Baths

Time Sequence

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