Characters may become titled after performing a valuable service to the Empire. These are:

  1. being Sung by the Bards twice;
  2. becoming a Minister;
  3. obtaining an adventuring result of 1, if in charge of the military unit or adventuring order;
  4. obtaining an adventuring result at least three higher than one’s immediate superior.

The Emperor confers titles upon characters who meet any of the above requirements on a roll of 6 on one die. This roll may be modified by influence. +1 is added to the die roll for every three levels they are above the minimum Social Level they must have for a particular title. Every time, after the first, that a character qualifies for a title, -1 is subtracted from the die roll needed; this is cumulative. Characters without titles become Lords/Ladies; characters who are already titled roll for the next higher title. Characters who become titled receive Status Points that month or the month after the adventure ends if the title was received during an adventure. Titles above Lord/Lady carry a monthly pension with them as listed on the chart shown below.

If a character’s Social Level is below that listed on the New Social Level column of the following chart, he is automatically elevated to that level. If his Social Level is below the level listed under Min Social Level, he will not be titled, his Social Level will remain the same and he will receive a pat on the back instead. Pats on the back have no effect on the game.

Title Min Social Level New Social Level SP Received this Month Pension
Lord/Lady 6 10 10 -
Knight 7 11 10 10
Baron 8 12 15 15
Lord Knight 9 13 15 25
Count 10 14 20 100
Duke 11 15 20 100


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